Tortuga Creative Studio

Business Categories

  • Marketing Strategy & Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Consulting & Coaching

Impact Categories

  • 1% for the Planet
  • Goal 14: Life below water

Identity Categories

  • Women Owned

Location Category

  • Canada

Tortuga Creative Studio helps passionate ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to build resilient businesses that do more for our oceans.


Through a one-of-a-kind approach based on the perspective that business growth + positive ocean impact = a better future, Tortuga combines brand consulting, creativity and ocean-forward thinking to innovate solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing business owners and ocean lovers.

Our Programs:

  • Arribada – 7-day group innovation sprint for solopreneurs who want to balance business growth and positive ocean impact
  • Turn the Tide™ – a 30-day coaching and innovation program for businesses looking to overcome challenges and increase their positive ocean impact 
  • ‘All Hands on Deck’ – a presentation-in-a-day solution that helps busy ocean-focused entrepreneurs with no time to spare eliminate the stress of putting together a last-minute startup deck.

Our Expertise:

  • Brand Consulting
  • Creative Strategy
  • Graphic Design

Mission & Values


To help ocean-focused entrepreneurs balance business growth and positive ocean impact. 


A world where all businesses consider the wellbeing of the ocean. 


Purpose: Prioritize more than profit by building meaning and positive ocean impact into everything we do. 

Clarity: Communications that are clear, relatable, useful and relevant. 

Confidence: Always strive for results that make others feel confident, empowered and optimistic. 

Passion: Show enthusiasm and dedication to every project and endeavour we take on. Share in the joy, spirit and passion that our clients experience for their businesses.

Balance: Find the balance between business growth and positive ocean impact for our clients and ourselves


Commited to the SDGs

Environmental Certifications Verified by Tidal Pages

1% for the Planet


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