Renee Lynn Creative

Business Categories

  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising & Media

Impact Categories

  • Goal 5: Gender equality
  • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Identity Categories

  • Women Owned

Location Category

  • United States

Renee Lynn Creative is a one-woman design studio with illustration and design skills that will make your brand flourish. Saving you time, so you can focus on sustaining your mission. Primary focus is creating memorable brand identities rooted in strategy and research, so you can attract your target audience and grow your impact. Also taking on package design projects, especially those with a need for custom illustration.

If you have something else in mind and resonate with my work and values, feel free to reach out to see if I can assist. I was trained in design, so it’s in my blood. If you can dream it, I can probably create it!

Mission & Values

Crafting memorable brands for people devoted to planting positive change.



Always lead and live with love. People are people regardless of how they identify or what they believe in. I’m here to help them all.


No matter the size of the project, we put our best work forward every time. Our process doesn’t change and I work hard to exceed project goals. 


I value transparency and open communication. I’m open and honest about our process and standards — right from the moment you get in touch.


The world is in pretty dire shape but we do our best to stay positive. I also never forget that, without you, I couldn’t do what I do.


I strive to work towards a more sustainable future. Reducing my waste and making choices that are better for the planet is essential. I work to create beauty instead of aiding in it’s destruction.


Be good to others, do good work, and feel good doing what I love. Staying open minded allows me to be inspired from all directions; you never know how a solution may present itself.

Commited to the SDGs

Goal 5: I am a one-woman design business and I hope to show other women and women identifying people that you can choose your own path and be your own boss. I also love working with other business owners who are women or minority owned. Everyone deserves access to high quality designs and I want to work hard to show people that you don’t have to fit into a certain box in order to work with a design professional. Always learning and striving to stay informed. Sometimes that means stepping back and sharing the voices of others who are working towards a more equitable future. Knowing when to step back and listen is a big part of working towards equality for all.

Goal 12: Always recommending my clients to establish relationships with a local printer in order to lower impact of shipping materials. I also inform them about more sustainable paper stocks and packaging choices if they use printed marketing and promotional materials. Even if my client does not have an eco-focused mission, I still choose to teach them about options that are better for our planet. 

In my own business, I use recycled paper when I print materials. I’ve also started taking notes with my I-pad instead of using paper for note taking during client meetings. Whenever I print marketing or promotional materials, I choose more sustainable paper stocks and work with local companies when I can. I’ve also bought secondhand furniture for my home office and do my best to use what I have before buying something new.


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