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Starting with who you hire, who you contract with, and who you support.

Tidal Pages is a searchable online directory that’s changing how businesses create a bigger impact by building connections that inspire purposeful and collective action. We amplify mission-driven vendors so every business that uses Tidals Pages' easy-to-use search tool can easily discover, hire, and support socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

Why we do it

Our goal is to provide solutions that disassemble the conventional profits-first business model by elevating businesses whose mission and values center around sustainability, accountability, accessibility, and transparency.

Because building a sustainable business doesn’t happen overnight.

But with each socially and environmentally responsible vendor you choose to hire or outsource to along your journey, you are making the change you want to see in your business, in your industry, and in the world.…one vendor at a time.

Build a business that reflects your mission and values by hiring like-minded vendors that care about the people and the planet as much as you do.

What makes us different

Tidal Pages is a one-stop directory that provides advanced search capabilities and a thorough vetting process for all environmental certifications so every business can quickly and easily find the perfect vendor and feel confident in who they choose to work with or invest their money in.

Advanced Category Search

We offer advanced search capabilities so you can find vendors that exactly match your business needs.

Want to work with a BIPOC-owned, green web designer that knows how to reduce your website’s carbon footprint AND is a 1% For The Planet member?

We’ve got a search bar/tool to help you find that exact business vendor.

Search categories include:

  • Business – browse vendors by service or product type (with over 60+ to choose from)
  • Impact – find vendors with specific environmental verifications, packaging & shipping options, or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Identity – discover brands owned by women, LGBTIGA+, Veteran, BIPOC, and more
  • Location – locate vendors in your city, state, or country

Vetted & Verified Environmental Certifications

We work directly with account managers of environmental certification programs and organizations to ensure every directory member is a verified participant in their respective categories.

Want to make sure that every vendor you discover and work with on Tidal Pages is as sustainably-focused as you and doesn’t “claim” to be something they’re not?

We’ve got a third-party verification process for that!

Environmental Certifications we verify include:

  • 1% For The Planet
  • B Corp
  • Offset Climate
  • And many more

Want to join the directory that’s connecting values-driven, B2B businesses around the world?

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How we’re addressing Greenwashing

With more customers demanding environmentally friendly products and services, an alarmingly high number of companies are using greenwashing tactics to create an illusion of practicing sustainability within their business without following through on their claims. 

The rise of greenwashing is an issue that needs to be addressed and eliminated. Unfortunately, the time and energy it takes to research and vet brands for greenwashing isn’t a luxury that many businesses have.

What is Greenwashing?

“When a company or organisation spends more time and money on marketing themselves as being sustainable than on actually minimising their environmental impact. It’s a deceitful advertising method to gain favour with consumers who choose to support businesses that care about bettering the planet.” (

Why should you avoid Greenwashing?

Companies using greenwashing strategies are usually unsustainable and unethical in their operations and only claim sustainability efforts because it’s “trendy” or makes a profit. Unfortunately, that means consumers need to invest time in researching a brand’s sustainability initiatives before investing their money.

So how do address this issue?

Each year, Tidal Pages verifies every business listed on the directory that claims any environmental certification to ensure they are acting on their mission and values, so all connections made through the directory are transparent and honest right from the start. 

We also provide resources to help our members identify, navigate, and avoid greenwashing in their businesses and respective industries. 

Tidal Pages is carefully curated so that every vendor you discover and collaborate with truly prioritizes the planet and the people on it.

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